Gettin’ Them In

Tommy Lasorda once said “I’d rather get ’em on and not get ’em in than not get ’em on and not get ’em in”.

Well, the 2014 Red Sox would be his kind of team.

Through Saturday, the Red Sox have averaged 12.3 baserunners per game (hits plus walks plus HBP), which ranks 9th best in the majors (Oakland leads at 12.9). However, the Sox have scored only 3.8 runs per game, the 4th worst average in the majors and worst in the AL. Only the Padres, Braves, and Cardinals have had more trouble putting runs on the board this season.

Below is a table showing the above statistics but sorted by baserunners per run scored in 2014, which places the Red Sox as the second least efficient offense in the majors so far
















Compare that to the 2013 Sox, who led the majors in runs per game (5.3) and baserunners per game (13.7), while finishing 2nd in baserunners per run (2.6).

Just something to think about after those maddening innings where they put ducks all over the pond but ultimately fail to score…again.



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