Red Sox Reviews – David Ortiz

Today’s installment of Red Sox Reviews first looks at another member of the Red Sox who missed a significant  portion of last season due to injury, designated hitter David Ortiz:

ortiz card* – Ortiz faced 47 full counts in 2012 and struck out in only three of them, once every 15.7 such plate appearances, the highest/best rate in the AL:

15.7 – David Ortiz, BOS
13.0 – Ben Revere, MIN
12.0 – Jemile Weeks, OAK

Here’s the thing: Over the 15 previous seasons since Ortiz broke in, only five AL players had a lower/worse career strikeout rate in such situations than Ortiz’ rate of one strikeout every 4.2 full counts (min. 800 full counts faced):

3.4 – Jim Thome
3.9 – Jorge Posada
4.0 – Nick Swisher
4.0 – Carlos Delgado
4.0 – Manny Ramirez

* – Ortiz’ put up an OPS of 1.245 against the “best” lefties last season (left-handed pitchers who faced 200+ batters and put up an ERA below 4.00), the highest in the AL (min. 50 such PA):

1.245 – David Ortiz, BOS (.403 avg; 6 HR in 70 PA)
1.093 – Cody Ross, BOS (.328 avg; 6 HR in 67 PA)
1.045 – Adam Dunn, CHW (.238 avg.; 10 HR in 84 PA)
1.033 – Billy Butler, KC (.353; 6 HR in 99 PA)

* – Ortiz hit .455 (15-for-33) with four home runs and a 1.538 OPS in the second inning of games last season, the highest such OPS in the majors (min. 35 such PA):

1.538 – David Ortiz, BOS
1.350 – Salvador Perez, KC
1.249 – Austin Jackson, DET

Note this: As the cleanup hitter for the Red Sox, if Ortiz batted in the second inning, he generally led off the frame, so despite 15 hits and 10 for extra bases, he had only six RBI in the second inning. Four of those RBI were Ortiz himself on home runs.

* – Ortiz went 17-for-43 (.395) with six home runs on Mondays last season. His 1.350 OPS on Mondays was the highest in the majors (min. 50 Monday PA):

1.350 – David Ortiz, BOS
1.246 – Dustin Pedroia, BOS
1.194 – Matt Holliday, STL
1.185 – Buster Posey, SF

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Thanks to the wonderful site Baseball-Reference for their help in researching these statistics.

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