Baseball Notes – May 31 – The First Inning

* – The Red Sox allowed a 1st inning run (again) on Saturday. They’ve now allowed a 1st inning score in 12 of their 28 games this month. They’ve SCORED in the 1st frame just twice in that span. In their 19 games since May 11, the Sox have been outscored 12-1 in the 1st inning.

NOTE THIS: Boston has not scored in the 1st inning since May 19, going scoreless in the opening frame in 11 straight games, the longest current such streak in the majors. Here are Boston’s longest 1st inning droughts (within a season) since 2009:

red sox 1st inn scoreless droughts 12+ games since 2009 - 2015 05 31






The Brewers failed to score a 1st inning run for nearly a month in 2013:

mlb longest 1st inn scoring droughts since 2009 - 2015 05 31






One more table: 1st inning runs allowed in May (through Saturday):


mlb 1st inn runs allowed may 2015 - 2015 05 31















A little context on the Giants’ 2 runs allowed in first innings this month: Since 2009, the only staffs that have allowed fewer 1st inning runs over a full month are the 2009 Dodgers (0 allowed during August) and the 2013 Blue Jays (1 allowed during June).

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